Hello, I’m Niki.

If you’re anything like me, you always read the about page of the person whose content you consume. So, welcome to my Substack 😊

I’ve spent most of my life fitting into traditional buckets. When I realized I couldn’t, I’m a multi-passionate creative person, and I can’t just pick one thing.

First and foremost, I consider myself a designer. You can read about my professional background here. However, my biggest passion since I can remember is writing.

Writing is what I do.

Every day, I sit and write.

I’ve been writing since I could write — the age of 8.

It started with a diary to digest episodes in my childhood. It was an escape. It was a weighted blanket. No other activity came close to making me feel in a way writing did.

I’ve written books (1 published, 7 unpublished), poetry, a personal blog (which won an award), notebooks, essays, technical articles, and journals…besides hundreds of Confluence pages, Jira tickets, design & research documentation.

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Niki Tisza

Designer | Researcher | YouTuber | Writer | Artist | Creative Entrepreneur